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Greece, a country steeped in history and surrounded by azure waters, is home to some of the cleanest diving and snorkeling sites in the Mediterranean.

Diving into the Treasures of the Greek Depths

The crystal-clear waters of Greece make diving an unforgettable experience. However, before you enthusiastically explore the depths, it's important to know that not all waters are freely accessible. Greece proudly protects its archaeological sites, and diving at these sites is strictly forbidden without permission.

To dive in the most enchanting places, we recommend doing it under the guidance of an experienced diving instructor. These professionals have the necessary permits and know the areas where you can safely discover Greece's rich underwater history.

Warning: In the unlikely event that you do end up in a prohibited zone, be prepared for possible high fines. The Greek government enforces strict rules to ensure that these valuable underwater heritage sites are preserved. And don't forget, should you come across an archaeological artifact during your diving adventure, report it immediately to the nearest port authorities. It is not allowed to bring or move these objects to the surface.

Snorkeling without Borders

For those who prefer to stay on the surface, Greece offers a limitless world of snorkeling opportunities. Unlike scuba diving, there are no areas where you are not allowed to go when snorkelling. Explore the colourful underwater world at your own pace, discover vibrant fish, and marvel at the stunning coastlines.

So, grab your scuba gear or snorkeling mask and let yourself be enchanted by the secrets of the Greek depths!



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