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Drenched in a vibrant mix of Dutch sobriety and Greek passion, my (Peruze Votsis) heritage is the essence of my lifestyle. From enchanting Glyfada, along the breath-taking Athens Riviera, where my background in marketing, incentives and design merges with my passion for discovering the unusual and wonderful.

My journey started with a background in marketing, incentives and design, mainly in the tourism industry (cruises and hotels). When I go somewhere, I immediately transform into an explorer in search of the unusual and the wonderful. My motto in life? "Always a Tourist" - because who doesn't always want to experience new adventures?

Peruze Votsis
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During my wanderings, I discovered that more and more people wanted to hear my opinion on the best places to visit and where you should feast on delicious meals. So, if you've ever been lost in the world of choices, know that we're here to show you the way. In this journey of discovery, we would like to share our expertise and unique perspective, so that your trip becomes an unforgettable adventure.

My expertise in web design, specifically aimed at the Dutch, Belgian and Greek markets, is spiced up with adventures as a Home Inspector for Luxury Retreats all over Greece. In this perfect balance between design passion and voyages of discovery, I keep up to date with the most beautiful villas and places.

Together with the amazing Veronique, expert in the yachting business, we brought this destined project to life.

Welcome to your adventure!


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